Our Journey 1/29/08

I used to think it was unfair
I once thought it was wrong
I screamed and questioned
And I wondered “why me?”
But, you knew the answer
You knew it all along.
I was the kind of person who
Did the same things every day
I wouldn’t learn anything new
Thought I knew everything
But, you knew that I didn’t.
You pointed the way.
I was terrified when it began
I didn’t really want to try
Thought that it was a hassle,
And something so very small
But, you knew that it wasn’t
You knew the reason why.
This road is not paved with gold
And my path has really grown
I’ve only just begun to learn
The answers to all of my questions
But, you knew I would discover
You knew what I didn’t know.
When I feel all alone on this road
I am reminded of how far I’ve come
I hear your voice, I see your face.
Things I’d never done invite me now
But, you knew they would
You spoke the truth and then some.
It was your truth that set me free.
Free from all of my fears
Free to learn and to grow
I am forever grateful for you
Your kindness, patience and love
Always reduces me to tears.

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