Project Management

Yesterday,  Spirit had the idea for me to discuss “setting a daily intention” each day in order to help set the tone & vibe of your day.  Today, we’re continuing in that vein of setting the tone of your day; except Spirit reminded me of something that I learned in class with Rev. Cathi Burke:  Hiring the Heavens.

Ok, great.  What’s that?  Well, in summary, if we master setting our daily intentions (which you’re working on pulling a Spirit/Angel/Oracle card daily to help you, right??), then we have in essence manifested the kind of day we want to have.  If we can do that, what else could we manifest?

We have the power to manifest what we want in life.  Truly, we do.  It’s just that most of us don’t unleash or use this power–or we use it to manifest things that don’t necessarily bring positivity into our lives; often without even realizing we’re doing this.   So now that I’ve told you that you have the power, what will you do?

First thing you should know is that this power really only works for ourselves. I cannot manifest what I think you should have because…well, I’m not you.  How exactly would I know what your Best and Highest Good is?  Sure, Spirit could tell me, that’s true.  But, that wouldn’t mean that I could do it for you.  It wouldn’t have your intention or your energy there, just mine.  So, you should do this for yourself.

Manifesting your intentions is pretty simple.  You get your intention, decide how it should be done and who will help you and then work towards the results.  I like to think of this as Project Management.  Why?  It’s the same principle.  You have a project, a team, specific tasks, evidence of task completion and end results.  A lot of us do this on a daily basis (in one form or another), whether it be at our jobs, in our careers, at home, at school…there are so many times that this occurs.  Seriously, stop and think about it for a second. So, if there are several opportunities every single day to manifest your intention, shouldn’t you do it?  I mean, why let the opportunity go by?

If you’re like me, you’re a visual person.  When I first learned about this process in class, she gave us a worksheet to use where we would manifest a goal.  I pulled out my worksheet recently and realized something pretty huge:  IT WAS ACCOMPLISHED!  The goal didn’t necessarily happen in the way that I hoped or even envisioned, but still, it happened.  So, I know that this process really works.   I’ve simplified the worksheet down a little (see attached below), but the intention and goal is the same.

The thing to remember about this process is that, although you’re not limited to who you can have on your team, you really want to give Spirit, Guides, Angels, Masters and all of the Divine the chance to show you what can be accomplished.  This is a project between you and Spirit, and you don’t have to share it with anyone else if you don’t want to.  Make it fun, because–well, I don’t know about you, but if it isn’t fun, I just don’t wanna do it.  I already do enough projects…and I’m sure you do, too.  :). But, really, the goal can be serious, but make the process fun.

So, how do we do this?  Start by checking out the attached sheet I’ve created.  You can print it or just  write it down on your own paper.  The point is that is has to be written down.  I’ll tell you why in a second.

  1. Once you’ve printed your page, you’re ready to start. Enter the date at the top.
  2. Since this is your Project with Spirit, enter a summary for your intention. Be specific. The more specific the better.  And always conclude with, “this or something better.”  Hey, you don’t want to limit yourself just in case Spirit has something better in mind for you that you haven’t even thought of yet.  Awesomer is always better! : )
  3. It’s important to name your Team.  Make it fun. The name on my last worksheet was “Fantasticaly Incredible Team of Awesomeness.”  🙂
  4. Select your team members and give them specific tasks to accomplish.  For myself, I always include my Master Guide, Roman,  my Guardian Angels Kira and Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Jesus, my Twin Flame (he’s on the higher side) and whomever else comes to mind specific to the project.  Some angels and Archangels have rather specific talents (like Uriel and Gabriel work a lot with me on my writing projects), so don’t be afraid to add as many (or as few) team members as you would like.  If you don’t know your guides’ or Angels’ names, this is ok.  You can group them together and still assign a task.  OR. You could be like me and give your guides names/nicknames. They will be happy to assist, no matter what.  🙂
  5. Signs:  this one is important.  You have to have a way to know that your project tasks are being accomplished, right?  Ask for specific signs.  The more specific the better.  Say Archangel Michael is on your team, you can actually say:  “Michael, I need to see the numbers 333, 555, 777 and your initials AM on consecutive license plates.”   Then just sit back and record the date and time you get these signs because…you will.  I often take photos of these signs just so I can go back and look through them and get excited.  Yeah, I get giggly and bubbly when I see these signs I’ve asked for.  It gives me confidence, not just in my team, but also that my intention and my project goals are acknowledged.   Oh, and by the way, don’t allow yourself to think this thought: “But I’m sure they have better things to do than to help me with this.”  Know why?  They don’t have anything better to do.  This is what they love doing, helping us.  It’s totally their thing, especially the Angels.  It makes them so happy when we ask for their help.  That’s what God created them to do, you know.  🙂
  6. After you’ve filled in all of the signs (remember: be specific!!), place your worksheet in a place where you can see it every day.  (As opposed to being like me and putting it in a folder and forgetting where it was!!). You can project Reiki to the page, you can pray with either your hands on it or the page in your vision…anything you would like, but make sure you are doing your part by sending your energy and love and intention into this project.  That is your job as the Project Manager.
  7. Be sure to record results, no matter what it is.


Your project form and team can be anything you want it to be.  So, take a few minutes to sit down and think about what you would like to intend and manifest for your life.  It’s the perfect time…we’re surrounded by the new One vibrational energy of 2017.  It is yours…go get it.   Just ask Spirit, the Angels and your entire Team of Love on the higher side for assistance….they cannot wait to get to work.  🙂



Here’s the form!! :). Project Worksheet

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