Both kinds of readings require working with energy. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. What does that mean? Simply put: a psychic will normally read your aura, energy and connect with the sitter’s higher self during a reading. A medium will connect with loved ones in spirit, angels, guides, and all of those on the higher realms during a reading.

In my Spirit Card readings (which are a combination of both psychic and mediumistic work), I tend to focus more on what’s going on with you. During mediumship readings, all of the information provided comes from spirit.

You can bring anything you want to bring to your reading. I want you to feel comfortable. This time is yours. Is it required for me? No. I do not need any kind of item in order to connect with spirit.

Many people will insist upon telling others they have to wait anywhere from three to six months–even a year–after a loved one’s passing in order to try and connect. I always advise people that this is a very personal decision and that there is no right or wrong answer. I believe this is instinctual and people just know when (or even if) they are ready to try and connect. If you feel you need to get a reading, there is always a reason. Don’t ignore that instinct.

I can guarantee you that I will do my best to deliver the information Spirit gives me. But, I cannot guarantee specific folks will show up. Please be aware that you may go into a reading thinking you’ll hear from Dad and your Grandma may show up instead. Spirit has all the say in who comes through. They know your mind and your heart and what you need. And they will always do what is for your best and highest good.

This is not something I usually focus on. There are those who specialize in romantic and love relationships. I do not.

In short, the answer is no. I’m not a doctor and I cannot diagnose anything medical with any degree of certainty. Nor do I focus on when people will pass away. It simply is not something I do. If you believe you have something wrong, I would advise you to seek professional medial help. (And so would my Spirit Team 😉 )

I think that this is personal and subjective and based on personal guidance. Based on my experience, though, I usually recommend maybe two or three times a year; unless something is urgent.

Well, yes. Normally, I only offer other types of readings when Spirit guides me to. These can include: angelic realm readings, spirit drawings, angel communication, guides and master guides and past life readings via the Akashic Record. I also offer Reiki, Crystal and Angelic healing sessions; which are usually done via distant intention.

Not at present. In future, they will be. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use pen, paper or any other recording device of your own during your reading. In fact, I recommend it.

Firstly, I have rules. I always try and share these rules before working with anyone.

1. You should come into your reading with your energy open. And I’ll usually remind you of this before we start. Why should your energy be open? Well, it helps with the flow of the reading.

2. I will not ask you for information (beyond your name). It is Spirit’s job to relay information to me to convey to you to prove the continuity of life. So, I will likely stop you in mid sentence if you begin to offer me any kind of information. All you need to say is “Yes,” “No,” or “I don’t understand.”

3. I will ask your permission before the reading. “May we work with you? Do you want to know everything?” Even though you have scheduled your reading, I will still ask your permission. Verbal confirmation is necessary for me. 🙂

I usually start off the session by first explaining the rules, and then confirming how you would like your reading to go (be it a psychic reading or a connection with Spirit). I will then do my own personal prayer of invocation (usually silent) and ask you to do something similar (whatever you are comfortable with) to open your energy and make you feel at ease. Also, it helps to clear your mind and focus on what you want out of your session.

The reading will begin, and as I am an evidential medium, I will work to provide you with all of the evidence Spirit gives me. I do not have to understand what it all means–just as long as you do. I usually ask whomever comes through in Spirit for specific information and a specific message for you. I do try and leave room at the end for questions, so that if there is anything you’d like to ask Spirit, they can answer. (These questions do not have to be asked out loud. Spirit can hear your thoughts!) I usually close the reading with love and gratitude and then ask Spirit to step back.

Because I channel this information directly from Spirit, I will not remember a single word said during the reading once the session is over and I’ve grounded myself. This information doesn’t need to be retained by me as it isn’t for or about me. It’s all for you from Spirit.

I used to do readings for free, and I often still do if I am led to do volunteer work of some kind. (I also do free readings from time to time on Facebook.) And when I did these readings for free, I was often met with people who demanded more and more until I had no energy left of my own to even connect with Spirit. And they still demanded more. When I would try, the readings suffered. I was also often met with people who thought it was a joke and didn’t take it seriously at all nor were they respective of any of the boundaries I had set up in order to work with Spirit. Since this work is sacred to me, that attitude was completely unacceptable.

I soon discovered that the best way to eliminate any of this was to have some kind of energy exchange. If I were to ask a plumber to come and fix the pipes in my house, he would expect to be paid for his time and effort. That is an energy exchange. Doing readings is no different. There is a lot of preparation and energy work that happens for me and my team in Spirit before, during and after the reading. And since all of this work is done in order to be able to devote myself completely to both the sitter and their loved ones in Spirit, it only stands to reason that there must be an energy exchange.

Sometimes this exchange is a trade, sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s a dinner out: to me, the kind of exchange doesn’t truly matter–just as long as there is one. 😉