Preparing for your session


It's fair to say that most people don't believe that there's any necessary preparation when it comes to going in for a psychic or medium reading. I disagree. To be educated is to be aware, so it is my intention to give you the information you need before you have a session with me.


  1. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes.
  2. Please do not consume intoxicants in any way. This will hinder (not help) your session.
  3. Ask (either verbally or in your mind) your loved ones on the Other Side to come to your session. They already know who'll be there and coming through, but it's nice to invite everyone to show up.
  4. Come with an open mind.


  1. Regardless what kind of session you have, it is important not to provide any information other than your name.
  2. Sometimes psychics will ask if there are any specific questions you want to ask. Don't ask them up front because it gives too much information. Ask your question towards the end.
  3. Often mediums will give you time to ask questions of your loved ones during the session. Keep in mind, it isn't a requirement to ask these questions out loud. Spirit can hear you and they already know what it is you want to ask, anyway. In other words, it's not your job to give information just receive.
  4. Record your session, even if you're just taking notes.
  5. Be open to all information received. Sometimes it may not make sense in the moment.


  1. Drink at least 8oz of water right after, regardless of what kind of session you had. You'll also want to keep hydrated for at least 24 hours after.
  2. Relax and be gentle with yourself.
  3. Keep in mind that Spiritual Coaching sessions work pretty much the same. You will want to prepare yourself. The only difference is that during the coaching session, you may ask more questions and there will be a dialogue between us.