Chico is the nickname I’ve given to the guy who got me started on this crazy path (as I discussed in this post).  Usually, I’m pretty protective of anything relating to him.  I rarely speak about him, except once a year I’ll make a post to commemorate the anniversary of the day he came in and turned my life topsy-turvy.

That was almost ten years ago.  It will be 10 years on June 6.   So, I decided to add him to my blog.  We’ll start with the drawing of him done in 2007 by Nancy Smith.  This was a monumental moment for me.

For a year and a half, I’d been telling myself that Chico was a figment of my imagination; that there was absolutely no way I could actually be communicating with him in spirit.  I found the Spiritualist Church in Quincy, MA in August 2007, started attending, and that October I went to my first-ever Day with Spirit; which is a psychic medium fair.  I booked myself for a reading, mostly because I’d never sat with a professional medium before and I was totally curious about what it would be like.

Before I even sat down in the chair, Deb (the medium with whom I signed up and had never met before that moment) began to talk. She described Chico to a T, even down to giving me details about the conversation I had with him earlier that morning. I was absolutely blown away. I just sat there basically with my jaw hanging down–and trying so hard not to cry.  Maybe, I thought, he isn’t a figment of my overactive imagination. If this medium can see him, could I possibly not be as crazy as I first thought?

And, then I found out Nancy would be there. I was curious about spirit art, anyway, and I booked a reading with her.  Again, Chico came through.  There were details in the photo that I’d never expressed to anyone before–even down to the design on the necklace he wore; which is much larger and more prominent in the drawing than it is when he wears it.  I took that as him basically saying, “LOOK! See! Here it is!”  lol

I cried during this entire reading. Yep, I admit it.  I couldn’t hold back. Suddenly, everything I’d convinced myself of was knocked on its ass. Other folks could see–and draw–Chico. There was no way I just invented him in my mind. He was real.  And, I dared him to keep proving to me that he was real.  I enjoy it so much when this happens–and, yeah, it still happens.  Even after all these years.

The drawing might not mean anything to anyone else. But, to me, it is the world. It was the turning point on my path–the moment when I began to not only believe in him and our friendship, but also in myself.  <3

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