Twin Flames

“The Other Part of Me”

I’m currently working on a writing project regarding Twin Flames, and as I sat last night going through my mountains of information and years of journals, it occurred to me that perhaps I should share.   I have a lot of info, believe me.  Though, I must admit, the concept of Twin Flames was entirely foreign to me before I met mine, and I spent several years trying every thing and every way I could think of to disprove and debunk it.  I never could.  Even as recently as a couple of months ago, I was still (at least on a much smaller scale) trying to dismiss the theory, despite the fact that I knew better.  I’ve read so many things about this subject, and added to my own experiences, there really is just no more use of allowing any denial.

So, I thought that instead of keeping all of this hidden for a moment longer, I would share. It isn’t like I haven’t shared my own experiences with others, I have. I have written about Twin Flames before, but not quite as in-depth as I’d like to do…right now.  Yeah, now is good. 🙂  And probably every Friday going forward, as well. 😉

I have written about Twin Flames before (see the Articles page) and I’ve also written about my Twin Flame before on countless other blogs, on Facebook, and also on here. I’m usually so protective and private about my experiences with him that the thought of sharing them with anyone else (except those who were with me on the journey from day one) scares me to death.  So, now is the time to get over the fear.  Thank you for helping me along by taking the time to read this.  <3

So, what is a Twin Flame?  I must tell you that when I first was told of this concept, I was completely clueless.  I’d just started communicating with the Angelic Realms, and the very first thing they shared with me was the fact that I had a TF, that I already knew who he was, and then they gave me his identity.  My response?  “Well what is it and what does it mean to me?”   It surprised me so much that it rocked me out of my meditation.  Then I went to work, and started reading and researching what “Twin Flames” meant. I had never, ever heard of this before in my life!

Every single person whose blog, article, website that I read had a different definition.  Jeez.  So, I went back to the Angelic Realm to learn from them directly.  That was a lot of information to download and process, believe me.  But, I gleamed the most basic definition  from it:  a Twin Flame is a soul that has the same spiritual blueprint, divine DNA if you will, as your soul does.  When God breathes life into a soul and it is created, the soul is then split into two equal halves.  The mission of these two halves is soul evolution; to progress their souls forward through learning and experience so that it becomes more advanced and works not only toward an awakening but also change. And this change doesn’t just affect themselves, it also affects the energetic balance of the world.

How?  I mean, really, does my happy little Union really have an affect on the ENTIRE world?  Really?  Yes. The Twin Flame relationship perpetuates change not just externally, but also internally. (This is actually a topic for another article:  The purpose of the Twin Flame Relationship.  Seriously could devote pages to that. LOL  So stay tuned!!)  When one works on the Self in any way, it creates a change in their environment and in their energy; thus affecting the world.  Yeah, that’s the simplest way to state it. : )

There are many stages and developments, awakenings, ups, downs, and sideways to every Twin Flame relationship. All of these are based on what your soul needs to learn in order to evolve.  Don’t worry, I’ll get to all of these in subsequent articles. But, for right now, the most important thing to understand about TFs is that there is only one other soul in the entirety of God’s creations that can possibly be your Twin.  Just one.  No matter what it’s called–twin souls, twin rays, other half–there is only one Twin that is yours.

This leads me to talk a little about Soulmates.  A soulmate is not the same thing as a Twin Flame.  In the Souliverse (that’s what I call the universe of souls that surrounds me), you can have thousands of Soulmates; whose purpose, by the way, is to help you progress on your soul evolution and to allow you to assist them with their evolution, as well. But there is only one Twin Flame.  Look at it this way:  the Twin Flame relationship causes the chaos because of the desire to evolve the soul.  The Soulmates come along to help make sense out of the chaos.

That’s why you might need a thousand Soulmates, sometimes that chaos is just messy.  I know, for me, meeting my Twin Flame turned my entire life inside out and backwards.    Here is an example:  I have been a medium since birth, but I never, ever talked about it.  Ever.  This guy shows up and the next thing I know…I’m sitting in a room full of mediums learning about how to use my natural gifts.  And now…the entire world (at least the part of it that has seen this site, anyway. LOL) knows my secret.   I don’t know how much more chaotic it can get than taking someone who purposely liked to be invisible and bringing them out of their shell to stand in the light.  He did that.  I may have went along with it–ha ha–but Chico started it.   And every single person I have met along the way–no matter how we met or interacted with each other–has been a soulmate from our Souliverse who has helped both of us walk our spiritual path.

One thing I forgot to mention that’s kind of important:  Chico is on the Other Side.  He passed away several years ago.  In my discussions with the Angelic Realms, I learned that it is a rare (and beautiful) thing for Twin Flames to meet on Earth.  Most of the time, one Twin is on Earth while the other assists them from the Other Side.  When they are together on Earth, the relationship is quite a roller coaster, even more so than when they are a plane apart.  I have seen examples of the Twin Flame relationship here on Earth, so I can speak to that only by what I witnessed and what I’ve learned from the higher realms.  My experience with my Twin is, well, “normal” by most standards. Though we were both incarnate on Earth at the same time, we knew nothing about each other while he was here on this plane.  Correction: I knew 3 things about him, but that was only due to his profession.  Otherwise, I was completely clueless until he began to visit me.

But, my life changed the instant he entered it. Before I knew anything about TFs, and before I really even knew anything about spirit communication, he was there.  And what did I do?  I tried to find ways to make him go away! Ways to disprove his existence!  I thought I was completely nuts!

Does that make me a bad Twin?  Nah.  It just makes me normal. I mean, here was this guy in spirit telling me that we were a Team and encouraging me and supporting me at a time when….yeah, I really just was waiting to die.  Every night, I prayed and asked God to end my life. I didn’t want to wake up the next morning. I was tired of living the terrible existence I trapped myself in.  And, you know what God did?  He ended that existence by sending in my other half, my Twin, to completely turn my life inside out and change it.

That is the very essence of the Twin Flame relationship:  chaos, change.  Change to evolve the soul; which cannot happen when you’re…stuck.   Still, once I started on this path and began to learn and take mediumship classes, I slowly began to understand that this was what I was supposed to do instead of just living a nothing existence.  So I took even more classes, read books, learned about things I’d never heard of before (or even believed in) like past-life regression and reincarnation.  Eventually, I had a brain full of knowledge; which was awesome.  That’s the whole TF gig, right?  Go Team Us! Woo Hoo!

Then, I hit a snag.

The sucky thing about working with spirit in any way is that others will do whatever they can to try and completely invalidate your experiences.  The only time this used to bother me is when it came to my Twin. It is easy to burst someone’s bubble with a few carefully chosen words.  And after years of experiences, messages, readings, meditations, and a multitude of validation so mind-blowing that I wanted to kick my own ass for ever doubting the TF relationship in the first place, one person was allowed to deflate my bubble. It affected me for nearly two years, and that was where I was at on March 14, 2015: deflated.

Why am I explaining this to you?  A couple of reasons.  First, and foremost, no one has the right to make you feel anything without your permission. So, I could’ve chosen not to allow this person’s words to affect me at all, but I did.  Next: everyone has their own experiences, and to negate anyone else’s just because it is different than yours or what you believe isn’t right. I know, I know, it happens all of the time.  But, as a spiritually enlightened person once told me:  “Jealousy is FEAR dressed up in a green suit.  Not pretty.”   And lastly, I wanted to explain what I’m about to show you.  It is probably the most profound validation I could possibly have received, and I wanted to share it with you, not only as an example of the awesome things that Spirit does, but also to illustrate the closeness of the TF relationship.

I was blessed to attend a mediumship demonstration by Roland Comtois, who is pretty well known for the messages he writes from Spirit on his Purple Papers.  During the demo, I received a couple of different messages from loved ones on the Other Side; which was awesome.  But, then there was also a Purple Paper that he’d channeled that day that rang a couple of bells for me.  It did the same for a friend of mine, too, so we went up afterwards to ask him if Spirit could clarify their message on this particular Purple Paper.   As it turned out, the message was for me.  And it was one that absolutely NO one could have possibly known except Chico.  There were tears in my eyes as I accepted the Purple Paper, but as Roland spoke about the message, he also received another one from Chico; which he wrote on the back side of the Paper.  It was exactly what I needed to hear, as I was once again…stuck:

“You are the other part of me–and, now–LIVE YOUR LIFE.”   Once again, there he was, helping me out of the muck and mire.  It wasn’t the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last (I’m kinda stubborn sometimes LOL).  But, I look at this every day and I’m reminded not only of Chico, but also of the TF relationship and purpose.

So, what is a twin flame? It is the other part of you, of your soul. The part of you that instigates change, both internal and external.  It is chaos. It is change. It is evolution. It is a mirror image of the Self.  Each TF relationship is different and the roller coaster ride changes based on what you’ve chosen to learn. I cannot wait to learn more.  🙂

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