Twin Flames

Twin Flame Purpose

I thought this week that I’d write a bit about the purpose of the Twin Flame relationship. The purpose is actually simple at its core, but then again…not so much.

I know, confusing right? Let’s start with a recap of what a Twin Flame is: it is a soul that has the same spiritual blueprint as yours. In essence, it’s the other half of your soul. We do have only one other soul in the entirety of God’s creations that has the exact same spiritual DNA that we do. That makes them our Twin Flame.

So, why? Why do we have one of these? Well, as we discussed previously, the entire purpose of the TF relationship is soul evolution. You are both trying to evolve your soul, to grow and to learn. Now, there are theories that say that once each soul is enlightened and evolved, that both will stay on the Other Side and come together in order to assist others on their paths, like Spirit Guides. It is my understanding, however, that the soul never stops learning or growing, no matter what plane (Earth or Otherwise) that we’re on. So, I’m not exactly 100% sold on this whole “coming together on the Other Side and not evolving anymore” theory. What I do believe is that, yes, the soul can achieve evolution and learning to the point where incarnating on Earth is no longer necessary for progression. The soul can continue to learn on the Other Side with the Masters and Teachers. Earth is school. This is where our souls come to learn and progress. But, yes, I do think that the Twins can work together on the same plane in order to achieve soul evolution.

What exactly does “soul evolution” mean, anyway? If you look it up, you’ll find theories and principles and stages of evolution. It’s all important, don’t get me wrong. (And will be a separate topic for another article!!!) But, it all boils down to one simple ideal: action that perpetuates education for the soul.

A lot of folks will say that the brain is in charge of the body, it makes sure that the body functions. That’s true. Without your brain, your body cannot function. However, you are not a human body having a spiritual experience. You are a Divine Soul HOUSED in a human body, having a human experience. So, your soul actually calls the shots of what happens in life; whether or not you’re consciously aware of it. (Surprise! Now you are!) In my case, my soul was aching to move forward with learning and growing, and my life ground to a halt. So, my Soul was like, “Hey God, please help me.” And BAM, God sent in my Twin Flame, the spiritual match of my soul, to help change things up so that the progression towards soul evolution could continue.

No, not everyone consciously chooses to allow this kind of education. But, every single time you learn something new, or try something new…that is action that educates the soul.

I know what you may be thinking, though. “Soul evolution? I thought the purpose was love! What the hell?” Love is involved, yes. It is through this action that the soul comes to love itself, and then that love is spread to others. This is true. And it is also absolutely true that when you love yourself, especially on this soul level, it’s easier to love others. But, remember, TFs have the same exact soul blueprint. So if there is self-love of the soul, that love extends to their Twin. There is no other choice.

But, I know…you mean the whole “riding off into the sunset, prince on the white horse, Disney Prince and Princess” kind of love, right? I get you.

Twin Flames can be incarnate on Earth at the same time, and often lead parallel lives with a lot of similarities (though, some may subscribe to the “opposites attract, Twin Flames are complete opposites in order to create balance” theory. I don’t completely vibe with that theory, not totally.). For example, I’m a vegetarian and have been since birth and Chico was a vegan when he was on Earth, and had been since he was a child. We had these things in common as well: peace, animal rights, human rights, environmentalism, the Beatles, both of us were musicians and both of us played in a band (though my experience was much shorter-lived than his)…there are so many things, that I cannot possibly list them all, but you get the point. IF the Twins meet in the same incarnation on Earth—which in itself is extremely rare, according to my understanding from the Angelic Realms—it will likely be a roller coaster that begins very instantly.

At first, it would be magical, incredible, passionate…as though someone just poured gas on a fire. Then, that would fade out, often to the point where one Twin decides not even to be in the relationship anymore at all. OR For example, the female Twin wants her counterpart, and the male Twin does everything in his power to avoid her. I’ve witnessed both. There are several stages of the TF relationship (yet another forthcoming topic) and no matter what plane the Twins are on, most of these stages will occur. Love never ends, no matter what happens or what is said between the Twins. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of soul education in order to bring them back together (each TF Stage is an education in itself!!). All isn’t lost, if you are meant to be together, in loving bliss in this lifetime, you will be. 😉

I have actually witnessed this on Earth in a TF relationship, so I know it happens. But, it was a long, hard-fought road to get there and it took the Twins 17 years apart to educate their souls enough to come back together. It wasn’t an easy progression, not exactly Disney-esque. But, the love was real and genuine, and still felt today, even though one of the Twins has progressed to the Other Side

The TF relationship is the most pure love you will feel. It isn’t necessarily romantic love, unless that is the way you’ve contracted with one another to educate your souls. It goes far beyond any definition of love our minds can assign and our hearts have felt. This is why most theories will tell you that you will “just KNOW” when you’ve found your twin. You feel an instantaneous connection, as though you have been walking in darkness and suddenly someone flipped on a light. (More to come on recognizing your Twin Flame!!!) It is unlike any other feeling or emotion that you have ever experienced before. Why? Because you are literally meeting the other part of yourself, your match, your Divine Partner. This is the soul that God created just for you. And it’s not gonna be easy. That’s a pretty big deal. 😉

Until next time… <3

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