Intro to Arcan

Welcome to the first blog post about Arcan. It’s important to me to be able to write about it since I consider Arcan to be my spiritual home, my place of higher learning and education, and my personal healing center.

Ever since I was a child, I have visited a place in my dreams…a place where there is a field of yellow flowers with one tree in the middle. And people just always seemed to show up there. The older I got, however, the less people I encountered in the field of flowers the less bright and vivacious the colors became. And this was because I insisted upon restricting who could actually show up.

That all changed in 2006. Suddenly, I was able to visit with so many of my friends and loved ones that had transitioned to the Other Side. I also made quite a few new friends, met several of my spirit guides, and was able to finally see that there was more than just a field of yellow flowers.

Pause for a moment. Let’s explain the difference between the Higher Side and the Other Side. These are simply different planes of existence that are located on a higher vibration than Earth. Earth is the physical plane where we live a physical existence. The Other Side is where our souls exist without limitation and in divine love and harmony. It is also called, “Summerland” or “Heaven.” In between Earth and the Other Side, is a place I call the Higher Side. It is the in-between, a space that exists where we can meet in the middle with those on the Other Side. It’s in this space that Arcan exists.

Arcan was created by myself and my Twin Flame (Chico) after our first incarnation. The intention was to create an area where we would be able to meet, no matter where we were located in all of creation, so that we could share information and learn from one another. We would also learn from the angels, our guides, our loved ones, and anyone else who chose to come and visit us and share their experiences and information.

We kept Arcan very private for a long time, and we weren’t willing to share much of the energy and vibration. Then, Chico and I decided to share all of the beautiful energy and love that exists within Arcan. People also come to learn and to share with others. Even if their visit only lasts a few minutes, it’s still amazing to witness.

Arcan is a place of higher learning, growth, love, acceptance, and universal connection. I’ve often taken people there during guided meditations. The great thing about Arcan is that it is very user-friendly: you get out of it what you need (or what you need to learn). There are so many things to discover in Arcan! The more you look around, the more you will learn–not just about topics or ideals, but also about yourself.

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