Twin Flames


I am a soul who is not only having a human experience but who’s also walking a path of spiritual awakening. I am a natural-born medium. Though I spent many years trying to ignore this gift and explain it away, spirit always made sure to make me aware of their presence whenever possible. As a young adult, I set boundaries with spirit that relegated all of my experiences to my dreams. Visitors could enter my unconscious experience, but they had to be related to me or known by me in some way. Yeah, it was pretty strict and it lasted until I was in my early thirties.

In early June, 2006, a special soul entered my dream state and completely turned everything upside down. His presence in my life was direct, powerful, and perpetuated a complete overhaul of my life. I eventually learned from my angelic guidance that this soul is my twin flame. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but now it’s the one thing that I feel I know very intimately. Since then, I have learned about and embraced my natural gifts which have expanded in so many ways. I became a certified psychic medium in 2016, and I continue to serve spirit as well as their loved ones on Earth.

I also embarked on a journey learning about the concept of twin flames. I was quite resistant to the idea previously and I was determined to prove that not only was the concept impossible, but so was this connection with my own twin flame. I took everything I learned while sitting in metaphysical classes about various topics (like the Akashic Records, for example) and I applied all of it to this concept of twin flames in the attempt to disprove it. I never did. In fact, the only thing that I conclusively proved was that I was wrong to be in such denial about twin flames.


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