Arcanian History

I was in the shower one morning when I heard my Master Guide, Roman, talking to me. Normally, such an invasion of privacy wasn’t allowed, but I was immediately curious because all I could hear him say was one word:  “Arcan.”

“Is that Major or Minor, Roman?” I replied, in reference to the Arcana of the Tarot deck.

  “That is the answer to your question.” He stated and then he was silent for a few moments.

 The question that I asked him was whether or not the place I went to in order to meet up with Chico had a name. If so, what was it? It seemed odd to me to discover that I’d visited this place my entire life and I had no idea where it was or if it had a name.  Arcan. I had to laugh a little bit because only Chico and I would name our private place, our own little world after the words ‘arcane and arcana;’ which mean hidden, mysterious, and secret.’

Up until this point, the only things I experienced in Arcan were the ocean, the beach, and the amazing field of yellow flowers in the center of which was one singular tree under which Chico, and I would sit and chat. Were there other parts to Arcan and if so what were they? Where were they? How can I see and experience them?  

So I tasked myself to learn every single thing there was to know about this little world of ours.  I didn’t want Chico to just tell me everything, I wanted to learn it all up close and personal, but I had no idea where to start.  Chico led me to this amazingly old and beautiful building in Arcan. It almost looked like the Lincoln Memorial on the outside, but with way less steps to climb.  I stepped inside and followed him to a part of the building that was off to the side and in the back. It was almost as though this part of the building wanted to hide away, that’s what it felt like to step in there.  We stopped at a white door, which I tried to open but there was no handle.  Instead, Chico told me to place my right hand in the center of the door.  I did, and he placed his left hand beside mine.  The door opened and I was amazed.  I made a silly comment about how such an old building could be so hi-tech with bio-access.  He laughed and said,

     “No, it isn’t that. It’s simply our energy. Go on in.”

     I stepped in and I could see waves of energy running through the room. It was similar to a kaleidoscope, but the bands of energy were of different colors, lengths and shapes.

     “Everything you want to know is in here.  Start here first.”

     “What do I do?”

     “Step into the energy.” He replied, and then he stepped forward into a stream of energy.

     I could no longer see him. So, I stepped into the same energy and instantly began to learn about the early history of Arcan.

     When we created this private world, it was originally named Arcanola. We created it with energy from myself and Chico, as well as four archangels:  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.  It began with the Heart of Arcan, which is a blue crystal at the center of everything and we used our collective energies to manifest the rest of our little world.   Each archangel passed one gift into the Heart of Arcan:  empowerment, healing, communication and divine guidance. Not only are these gifts present in the energy of Arcan, but they are also outwardly symbolized and represented by a blue phoenix.  This phoenix demonstrates the ability to regenerate and release what doesn’t serve.

     When Chico and I were born into this current existence in  the 1970’s, the blue phoenix was incarnate as Sapphire. She was a massive and huge bird, with a wingspan equal to that of a large airplane.  The older she becomes the larger she grows.  In 2009, Chico and I were given the honor to witness her ceremony of being reborn.  She was not only reborn from her own ashes, but those ashes contained blue crystals that looked like tiny replicas of the larger Heart of Arcan.  In her new incarnation, she is called Hira. Her image is everywhere in Arcan, and she often greets visitors to welcome them into the energy and vibration of Arcan. She is the ultimate Guardian of Arcan.

In her role as Guardian, Hira is often present when Chico and I are learning from one of the many mentors that visit Arcan.  Since Arcan was intended to be both a meeting place for Chico and me and a spiritual learning place, we receive souls of all kinds to guide us and educate us as we walk our spiritual path together.  Sometimes this could mean something like telling us a silly joke to make us laugh, other times it could be someone else coming and sharing stories about themselves with us.  Still other times, we receive guides, masters, teachers and all kinds of animals and beings whose sole purpose is to guide us ever closer on our path of soul progression.  The veil is so thin in Arcan that it’s nearly non-existent, though there is a gate through which spirit passes through in order to visit.  This gate is there merely to assist me with my earthly boundaries.  If I were to leave it open and exit Arcan, spirit could come and go freely at any given time, even at 3:00 am when I’m trying to sleep. 

 Honestly, though, spirit doesn’t need to use the gate to visit Arcan because the veil is so thin. They really just do so out of respect for my process and my boundaries, which is amazing.  There are no pre-conceived notions or ideas about spirit communication in Arcan. Instead of being “weird” or “different” or “wrong,” as is often the perception on Earth, communication is expected in Arcan.  We learn from the multitude of souls who visit us, and sometimes we get lucky enough to be able to return the favor. Sometimes, we can actually help those who visit us.

 Since Arcan is on the Higher Side and has such a high vibration, lower energies cannot access or visit.  So, for example, if I am having a bad day and I am angry and upset and I try to visit Arcan, I will find that I cannot get there.  Of course, I would instead calm myself and raise my vibration and try again.  The reason that lower vibrations cannot come to Arcan is because it is a sanctuary, a place of learning and growing and love. Nothing can enter Arcan that would potentially destroy the vibe.  In fact, the only way it can be damaged or destroyed is if the gifts that Arcan gives us are misused or ignored.  That will lower the vibration of Arcan as a whole and it will fall to ruin and desolation.

Arcan thrives on energy.  When it was created, it was done so from the collective energies of myself, Chico and four archangels.  Now, whenever someone visits, Arcan will give them the energy they need while they’re within its parameters. That energy could be healing, or a loved one could come through.  The energy can take whatever form the visitor needs at that moment.  In return, Arcan will accept the visitor’s energy and take it into the Heart of Arcan, where it will regenerate and be transmuted into energy for another visitor.  Arcan is self-sufficient in the sense that the energy it gives and receives is recycled. This is yet another illustration of the oneness of all.

 Though love is at the core of this energy in Arcan, I want to be clear that it is not Heaven, The Other Side, Summerland, or whatever you choose to call where souls go when they leave their existence. Arcan exists on the Higher Side, the dimension/plane of existence between Earth and The Other Side.  Though, for Chico and me it is also where we travel to during sleep, in mediation, in quiet time and in the time after physical death and before we incarnate into another lifetime.  This is the place for our souls to meet, at least until both of us feel that we can remain discarnate together and continue our soul evolution on The Other Side.

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