Twin Flames

Find Your Twin Flame

So after nearly twenty years of living, researching, creating, writing at least 3 million drafts, my book is finished. Joy!

I finished it and began to submit it to publishers back in 2019. It was accepted by Llewellyn and, honestly, that was my goal from the start.

I could sit here and outline every part of the process for you, but since it consisted mostly of me writing, revising, editing, and repeat, that may be boring for you. 😉 Instead, let me say that the thing is closer to being a paperback book than it was when I began writing it many years ago.

Believe it or not, this started as a fiction story based on my experiences while encountering and learning about my own twin flame. I wrote 3700 fiction drafts before Chico (my twin) said to me: “It isn’t this hard. Write it true.”

Thus this new child was created, soon to be born into the world. It began with an entirely different title, formatted as an e-book that I was going to publish on Amazon. Then something changed, and I decided to try again to have my book published traditionally.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t tried before. I had. Though, I thought the best route to try first was to try and land a literary agent. I went to several conferences to meet with agents, had portions of drafts read out loud in Boston and Atlanta (which was a true lesson in humility). I finally decided heck it, I’m just gonna cast my line and see if I catch anything.

Boom. My first choice, right out of the gate. Thank you for believing in me , Llewellyn.


You can click to the book’s page to pre order your copy. <3

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