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Yin Yang

With twin flames, the yin yang symbol represents the balance between two halves of one soul. These halves, while complete within themselves, generate this balance based on their identical soul blueprint and spiritual DNA.

I got my first tattoo way back in 2005. This was before I knew anything about my twin flame or anything about the relationship in general. I just wanted a cool tattoo. My knowledge both about twin flames and about my own expanded after my great awakening, as I call it, in 2006. I think it was somewhere around late 2008 or early 2009 when I discovered Chico was my twin flame.

I have so many journals from my spiritual journey, and this is the one piece of information I either discarded or simply never recorded.

I do know that I learned about Chico and twin flames prior to March 2009 because I was already talking about them in my journals. It’s probably written down somewhere and I’ve overlooked it every single time I’ve gone looking for it. (lol)

Part of my research was learning about Twin Flame symbols. There are several, and most TF’s have particular symbols that mean something only to the two of them. Like the number 333 means several things, depending on the topic and who you’re asking. For me and Chico it is the very first sign he ever gave me (and continues to give me every day). Well, wait, it means a little more than that, I guess. I did name this site “Twin Flames 333” after all. Sufficed to say that this number was used repeatedly to ensure that his presence in my life was never and could never be denied.

The most popular symbol, however, is the yin yang symbol. Traditionally, it means many things (depending on your belief system), but for twin flames it does signify balance. It does not, however, denote male/female or even opposites. When it comes to twins, this symbol is a visual representation of the meeting of two equal halves, who are the exact same, interconnected and interdependent. They interrelate on the same vibration at a soul level. Twin flames can never be opposites of one another because they are the exact same within their souls.

But I didn’t know that at first. At first, I thought it merely symbolized the joining of the soul. Now that I learned about Chico, and I understood that he was my twin flame–even though I still insisted that my spiritual team prove this fact to me in every possible way–I wanted to find a way to honor him. I also wanted to thank him for stepping in and saving my life because if he hadn’t busted my boundaries and intervened, I’m not sure where I’d be at this moment.

I flew from Boston to Tennessee to visit my family, and decided that I wanted to get another tattoo. This one would be for Chico and it didn’t matter if no one else knew about the reason why. I decided I wanted to get a yin yang symbol on my shoulder.

“I’ll cut you a deal if you let me get creative with it.” The tattoo artist told me ” You have no idea how many of these I have done in the same exact way.”


He came back with this idea:

The idea that it was the yin and yang melting into each other touched me so much that it brought tears to my eyes. I felt that it represented how I felt about my encounters with Chico, and how we just seemed to already be one. It was strange to me because I’d never thought about the oneness of our relationship until the moment that this guy printed off this design to show me.

I watched as he stenciled it out. He asked me if I wanted any other color besides black. I didn’t. I wanted it to look exactly this way.

Let me tell you, this tattoo was more painful than my first, though I couldn’t tell you why exactly. My first one is on my left shoulder, this one is on my right. Otherwise, they’re in the exact same place. No clue what the difference was really, but perhaps my mind was more aware of the permanence and meaning behind this tattoo.

Or maybe I was just being a big ol’ baby about it. I dunno. 😉

It’s still red because this was taken shortly after he was finished. What you cannot see is me:
#1 being happy he was finished because the sucker hurt and #2 fighting back tears.

Yes, it was because of #1, lol, but it was also because I’d finished the first step in a rest-of-my-life-long journey of honoring the soul who selflessly stepped in, looked me in the face and said “hello,” and then proceeded to change my life.

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