Spiritual Studies

For those who are interested in a session with me, I always recommend reading about and researching your medium. Don’t just let someone into your open energy field. Here is the information about my studies.

Lisa Williams (Certification-Mediumship) 

Rev. Rita Berkowitz (Mediumship)

Rev. Brenda Lawrence (Mediumship)

John Holland (Mediumship)

Laura Bonetzky-Joseph (Mediumship)

Rev. Cathi Burke (Mediumship, Angelic Healing, Angelic Communication, Lightarian AngelLinks, 8 Angel Rays)

Cristina Burke (Mediumship, Crystal Healing, Angelic Communication)

Rev. Patricia Price (Mediumship)

Rev. Marie Gaines (Trance Mediumship)

Rev. Jodi St.Onge (Mediumship, Angelic Communication)

Mary D’Alba (Usui Reiki I)

Amanda Dodd (Usui Reiki II, Master)

Bridget Rau (Munay Ki)

Christina Cross (Akashic Records)

Other Studies: 

AUNLP (Advanced Master Life Coach) 

AAoH (Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnotist)

Centre of Excellence (Numerology, Parapsychology, Akashic Records, Astrology, Ancient Egyptian Shamanism, Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing, Animal Reiki)

World Divination Association (Ho’oponopono Practitioner)

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

Yogamu Institute (Certified Meditation Teacher)

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