Twin Flames

How to Know You’ve Met Your TF.

I thought it would be a fun idea to create little postcard downloads to help recognize when you have actually encountered your twin flame. This is the first one. Just right click and “save as.”

The twin flame relationship is the purest love you will feel because at the core of the soul is divine love. It isn’t necessarily romantic love, unless that is the way you’ve contracted with one another to educate your souls. It goes far beyond any definition of love our minds can assign and our hearts have felt.

You feel an instantaneous connection, as though you have been walking in darkness and suddenly someone flipped on a light. (This is when your soul recognizes its vibrational match!) You have the sense that you have known this person your entire life. You have a curiosity about them, and a desire to be near them at all costs. A feeling of completeness also overcomes you, and at times this feeling can be over-whelming. These feelings are unlike any other feeling or emotion that you have ever experienced before because you are literally meeting the other part of yourself, your match, your divine partner. This is the soul that God created just for you.


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