I met Diane through a mutual friend, Jodi. They’re best friends, and I really wanted to be their third wheel. I spent most of my weekends doing readings/sessions/healings at Jodi’s shop, and it was an amazing time. I’d say I’m closer to Jodi, but you can’t know her without knowing Diane. They’re two peas in a pod. All was well until I hit a pretty big snag.

Life threw me a pretty huge curveball: I needed to find a new place to live. It’s a pretty strange feeling to have the rug pulled out from under you. You’re not sure if you will land on your feet, your knees, or flat on your back. I tend to fall forward, though, and I metaphorically banged up my face pretty well. But, at least, I landed.

Diane suggested maybe bunking with her for awhile while I found a better place. Bless her, the woman barely knew me other than I was someone who worked at Jodi’s shop. But then, that’s how it was with the two of them. “Any friend of Jodi’s is a friend of mine………..except there’s one I don’t like.”

The space she offered me was in the country. It wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, but you could see it from there through the fog from the cranberry bogs. It was a small spare room that had a dirt floor. “Yeah, but at least there’s room for a bed.”

She really wasn’t supposed to offer it to me, and it was just a temporary solution while I worked things out. But, the fact that she was willing to bend the rules and go the extra mile for me is something that I have never forgotten. This was only about 7 or 8 years ago, now, that all this happened, even though for me it feels like an entire lifetime ago. But, Diane showed me her heart that day, and it meant the world to me. Hers was the one yes out of many no’s.

I was just about to accept her offer when I another place was given to me. It was a surprise and I was completely shocked and grateful. Diane was cool and chill, and happy for me.

A few months later, Diane decided to offer private photo shoots for, I think, $50. I desperately needed new headshots for my website, so I signed up. It sounded like fun. It turned out that I was the only one who signed up, so I kinda had the whole time to myself. That was amazing.

I showed up to Jodi’s studio from work, changed, put makeup on, and fluffed my hair. Then it was time. My very first photo shoot. Sure, I’d had photos taken before, even by staff photographers at The Boston Globe (I worked there at the time, so it was all cool). But, I’d never had an actual session. We laughed so much and it was so much fun. It set a benchmark for me, and for every subsequent session.

And, that night, I got to share in the joy, laughter, and love that these two women shared. True best friends. It was a beautiful thing.

Earlier this year, Jodi and Diane took a cross country road trip from Boston, MA to Colorado. The details of their journey aren’t mine to share, but I have no doubt that it was an amazing journey. On the way back home to Boston, Diane became so ill that she was admitted to the hospital. The prognosis wasn’t good.

It pains me to relay this news… My mother’s trip of a lifetime has been cut short. During a cross country road trip, after arriving in Colorado my mother started coughing up blood. Fast forward a week later and she is admitted to the cancer treatment floor at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. My 52 year old best friend and mother has a blood clot in one lung and the other side has a collapsed lung… They found and determined she also has stage 4 cancer that started in the lungs and has now molded into her bones and her spine is showing cancer tumors.. They are are also showing spots on her liver. They have her on oxygen, heparin (for blood clot) and continually need to drain/monitor her lungs. As soon as I got news she was in the ER I grabbed the next flight and have been staying at a hotel in Colorado alone for the past 2 weeks… Unfortunately  due to covid and the hospital rules, I must leave by 8pm every night. I am currently more than 5,000 dollars in the hole and counting everyday. Money is irrelevant compared to the time I want to spend with her but I really need help… I have sold my stocks, crypto currencies and more to make sure I can keep spending time with her. I am blessed with a helping father but it is still really tough for us… The goal is to get my mother strong enough to fly her home to MA but she is still no where strong enough. She started chemo yesterday (June 3rd). I have never been in a worse spot mentally, physically and financially and I am asking my friends and colleagues to help in anyway they can.. The doctors can’t give us a time frame for how long we have.. right now it’s all about making sure she is comfortable… I am sorry if you try talking to me about this situation and I take some time to reply, I am doing my best.. We are not sure if she will even make it home…

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Yesterday, Jodi posted that Diane’s time on Earth is drawing nearer to a close. I just read it this morning. She wasn’t my best friend, but she was someone with a heart of gold who was willing to help others in need, including myself. My heart is broken for her friends and family, her son, and Jodi.

I know where Diane’s going and I know she will be better and stronger once she gets there. And, I also know that I will see her again. I don’t want to say goodbye. Rather, it’s “see you later.”

I will instead share the result of one fun-filled evening where Diane made me feel like the most important person in the world and a rock star goddess simply by pointing her camera at me. I don’t have any photos of myself with Diane, so I share the photos she took of me to honor the lovely and beautiful goddess she will always be. Fly away on angels’ wings. <3

It is with a heavy heart that my mother passed away at 10:50am on the 26th.. thank you all for your support.

Alec Klevecka

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