Twin Flames

How to Know You’ve Met Your TF (2)

Here is the second in our series of little postcard downloads. These are designed to help you recognize when you have actually encountered your twin flame. Just right click and “save as”.

Here is also a list of the common indicators of the twin flame relationship. The more items that can be identified and understood on this list, the greater the chance of proving the twin flame relationship.

• Telepathy.
• Similar or compatible birthdates.
• Overwhelming feeling of unconditional love, even
if it doesn’t make sense and regardless of the length
of time you’ve known one another (aka “love at first
• Explosive chemistry.
• Meeting (often at a young age), separating, reuniting.
• This person appears in your dreams prior to and after
meeting them. They have also had dreams about you.
• Recurring numbers (11:11, 444, 333, 777) that center
around this person you’ve met.
• Feeling as though you’ve always known one another.
• Shared/common belief system.
• Shared/common points of view.
• Shared/common/complementary strengths in character.
• The background stories of both people have similarities,
possibly even “coincidences” where both of you
experienced something similar at relatively the same
• Meeting this person gives you a renewed and deep
sense of purpose.
• Meeting this person perpetuates a spiritual awakening.
Twin Flame History 19
• Meeting through unusual, unplanned, or unexpected
• Deep feelings about and an awareness of the sacred
connection or oneness that was previously either
unexperienced or unknown to you.
• The pair are inseparable, always connected to one
another in various ways.
• The desire to be fully open to each other and to your
shared experiences within your relationship.
• Realization of the twin flame purpose on Earth, which
is helping humanity.
• Self-realization of your soul’s purpose.
• Self-realization of your spiritual path.
• The fulfillment and resolution of all karma.
• Intimacy and friendship on all levels is unparalleled
and unlike anything else ever experienced.
• Creates a desire to learn more, not only about this
other person but also yourself.
• Creates a complete upheaval in your life.
• You feel a sense of completion in that you have met
your soul’s divine match.
• You feel a mutual sense of respect for one another.
• To look at, touch, or be around with this person is
completely natural, no matter how long you’ve known
one another.
• Feeling completely fulfilled in your relationship.
There is nothing lacking.
• Unconditional love and understanding of one
another. Miscommunications are minimal without
outside interference.


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