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Twin Flames in the Records (Excerpt)

I thought I’d post a little bit from my upcoming book, Find Your Twin Flame: Understand and Connect to Your Soul’s Other Half. This is a small section about utilizing the Akashic Records to ascertain information about your Twin Flame.

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The entire purpose of having an Akashic Records reading is to provide uplifting information to educate and elevate the mind, body, and soul. It also clues in the conscious mind on what the soul has achieved and wishes to accomplish. It is extremely high-vibrational, and because of this those who access it can elevate their own vibrations and move forward in a higher state of both vibration and consciousness. This is the vibration that your soul naturally grooves in. This is the energetic language that your soul both speaks and understands.

The Akashic Records are the source of truth when it comes to everything about your soul, including your twin. Therefore, accessing the Records opens the door wide for discovery. One question will lead to one million more, and that’s ok. The more you ask, the more you will discover. The Records can give you information, even down to your twin’s name if you don’t know it already. You can ask questions such as “Is my twin flame incarnate on Earth? If so, what do they look like? Are they male/female? Tall/short? Dark hair or light hair? If they’re on the Other Side, what did they do in their most recent existence?”

Don’t put words into the Records’ mouth. In other words, don’t make your questions something such as, “So I know that Bill is my twin flame, can you give me more proof of that?” Let the Records just tell you the information; it isn’t necessary to give them anything other than your intention and your questions.

Because the Records are not bound by dimension, space, or time, it’s best to avoid asking “when” questions. You will find that open-ended questions work best. When it comes to proving the twin flame relationship in the Akashic Records, some of the best questions to ask are:

  • Please give me specific knowledge about my twin flame’s existence.
  • Please give me insight about my twin flame’s physicality.
  • Who is my twin flame? Please give me their name used in their most recent existence.
  • How may I better understand my relationship with my twin flame?
  • What would be a good next step to take to better connect with my twin flame?
  • Is my twin flame incarnate on Earth currently?

You’ll feel the energetic responses to the questions. If the Records were human, they would be a chatty, so let them speak. You can gain a lot of knowledge. Remember, though, that you are receiving information about yourself through the eyes of the Agents of Light in the Akashic Realm, so try not to dismiss it if they give you beautiful insight about yourself that you may never have realized before. Also, try not to dismiss the answers to your twin flame questions, either, even if it might not be what you were expecting. Though this is just one more puzzle piece in the overall twin flame relationship puzzle, every little bit of information you receive counts.

It is also within the Records that you can connect directly to your twin. Ask the Agents of Light for permission to connect and communicate with your twin. Remember, you are viewing your soul through their eyes, so it’s best to ask for their help. Your twin, regardless of whether they’re incarnate or discarnate, will come to speak with you. You can ask them direct questions. Just remember to ask for specifics and trust what you receive. It will all be guided and protected by the Agents of Light, who are beings made up of divine energy and who hold no judgment.

Once you have received information from the Akashic Records, be sure to record it, whether writing it down or recording it digitally. Your conscious brain may need time to process not only the energy of everything, but also the answers you receive. Also, the information may come back around, so it’s important to record everything you receive.

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