Twin Flames

Spiritual DNA, Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine (Excerpt)

Spiritual DNA

For a moment, let’s compare twin flames to identical twins who are born on Earth at the same time. These identical twins came from the same egg, which split in two and are equal parts of one whole. They have the same exact DNA because they came from the same place.

This is also true for twin flames. They originate from the same soul, which then is divided into two individual souls. Spiritual DNA is composed of energy from God, and it is the core of the soul. This divine core represents their oneness, so spiritual DNA is comprised of both masculine and feminine energy, which represents the universal duality, as well as a combination of higher vibrational energy that comes from the source of all that is. This spiritual DNA is only equal between twin flames, and it creates the divine connection between them on a soul level. This connection to one another will never sever, no matter what happens. It is divine and it cannot be removed. Soul mates, and others in our Souliverse, will have spiritual DNA that is compatible with ours, but it will not be equal.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

The energies of divine masculine and divine feminine exist within spiritual DNA and they are shared by your divine match. The separate parts of one soul are often referred to as divine masculine and divine feminine. These monikers are incorrect. One soul is not inherently masculine and the other feminine.

This energy already exists within the spiritual DNA that is at the core of the soul. When twin flames are created, they are not split apart as masculine and feminine to create balance. These two souls are equal in every single way. They cannot contain only half of the divine source that created them
within each soul. Divine masculine and feminine energy exist equally within both souls. This is the true reflection of the divine source within each soul.

While we’re on this topic, it is important to remember that divine masculine and divine feminine are only on a soul level. They do not dictate the gender identification (or nonidentification) into which twin flames can incarnate. Regardless of how the twins identify on Earth, the soul will recognize its match in the spiritual DNA. The energy feels the same and it helps to draw the twins closer together. In other words, the twin flame relationship is not limited, there are no boundaries. Your twin will vibe with who you are, regardless of how you identify, or even if you choose not to gender identify.

From “Find Your Twin Flame”


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