What is Arcan?

The short answer to this question is: It is a place that exists on the Higher Side (the plane between Earth and the Other Side) for Chico (my twin flame) and me to visit to learn, grow, visit with each other and loved ones, and to work with spirit. Since Chico is a part of my spiritual team (a group of folks/beings/angels, etc) on the Other Side, it is easy to facilitate our communication and connection to one another and others in spirit from Arcan.

Arcan was created millennia ago by the two of us and four archangels. Each archangel passed a gift into Arcan: empowerment, healing, communication, and divine guidance.

This is where our souls (mine and Chico’s) travel to in sleep, meditation, quiet time, in the time after physical death as part of the transition to the Other Side, and in the time before incarnation. The time after physical death and before reincarnation is spent in Arcan to prepare us both. Arcan is not the Other Side. I posted a little more about Arcanian history in a blog post. You can read it here.

Twin Flames are always connected. Their higher selves/souls will work tirelessly to find every possible avenue for the twins to connect, even if they have to create something like a secret meeting place. In our case, Chico and I created an entire world. By creating Arcan and opening the door for others to enter our sanctuary, others have an additional opportunity to learn and grow. They can also share in the energy within Arcan, which is designed to assist all who experinece it on their individual paths. It is an energy ripe for manifesting and creating not just one’s needs but also their desires.

So, now as we open the doors to whomever wants to experience our world, Chico and I have become the guardians of this loving, beautiful, creative energy that makes up our small section of love named Arcan. Welcome.

What is Arcan Spirit?

There are currently two (and one more forthcoming!!) physical representations of Arcan on Earth. One is the group on Facebook that I created – ARCAN – which was created with the intention of becoming a resource about anything metaphysical or related to metaphysics. This keeps with the spirit of education that exists in Arcan on the Higher Side.

The second is something I’ve dubbed ARCAN SPIRIT; which is essentially a creation made with the intention of representing the divine spirit of Arcan. So, you’ll notice at the bottom of my page that is is copyrighted by Arcan Spirit. It’s not an official company – yet. It is currently my way of representing myself and my twin flame, working in unison, assisting other light workers on their paths.

The third way is forthcoming, but I can tell you what it is. It is the culmination of nearly 20 years of work between myself, my twin flame, and my spiritual team. It is our book: FIND YOUR TWIN FLAME.