Find Your Twin Flame

Understand and Connect to Your Soul's Other Half

Book Cover: Find Your Twin Flame
ISBN: 978-0738767918
Pages: 240

Find and develop a profound relationship with the other half of your soul through this book's incredible guidance. More than a soul mate, your twin flame is the only soul that has the same spiritual DNA as yours—the piece that is crucial to your soul's evolution. Author Leslie Sampson helps you to not only identify your twin flame, but also develop a loving partnership that is deeper than any other relationship.

While you can have many soul mates, only one soul can be your twin flame. This book walks you through the history of twin flames and the various methods for finding your divine partner, including numerology, astrology, divination, akashic records, and more. Through inspiring stories from her clients and personal life, Leslie shows you how to meet your twin flame and let your relationship thrive.

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Publisher: Llewellyn

The twin flame relationship has its roots in chaos, change, evolution, and love. The relationship is unique and unlike any others you have ever experienced. This is a relationship that comes from the soul level, which is deep, profound, and unrivaled. A twin flame is the other part of your soul and it is the only soul in the entirety of creation that has the same spiritual DNA as your soul does, and the same exact soul blueprint. The source of this spiritual DNA is God, Creator, Source. You can replace these words with ones that better align with your understanding of the divine source. The energy is the same, no matter how you choose to refer to it.


Spiritual DNA is literally the divine energy at the core of your soul. Your soul blueprint is the design that dictates how you will grow, learn, and evolve. It is because of this shared spiritual DNA that twin flames are divinely and infinitely connected. It forms a connective cord between the divine partners that cannot ever be severed, regardless of whether one or both is incarnate on Earth. This is a soul-based connection that is divine in its origin and unbreakable.

When God creates a soul, it is then split into two equal and fully complete souls. The mission of these two equal souls is soul evolution; to progress their souls forward through learning and experience so that it becomes more advanced and works not only toward an awakening but also change. This change doesn’t just affect each soul, it also affects the energetic balance of the world. The twin flame relationship perpetuates change not just externally, but also internally. When one works on the self in any way, it creates change within; affecting their energy and their immediate environment, which affects the world.

This soul work perpetuates so much change within, and that is why the twin flame experience is so personal and subjective. It is life changing. The bottom line is this: if it makes sense to you, if you have experienced it, then that is what the right path is for you and your twin flame. No one else can decide it for you, and don’t let them!

The purpose of this book is to help you understand the twin flame relationship and how to be able to identify your twin using various methodologies, developed in partnership with my twin flame. It is my intention to assist you on your path by using observations, lessons, and data that I have gathered on my own twin flame journey.


Reviews:Antoinette Marie, Actress, Screenwriter, Evidential Medium & Intuitive Teacher wrote:

If you’re searching for answers as to why your connection to someone feels altogether different and has turned your life upside down, this is the book to read. It’s impressively simple way of explaining the Twin Flame connection will bring peace to your mind and soul. Leslie Sampson not only tackles the stages of the connection, she guides you through different techniques to determine who this person is to you and if they are your twin flame or one of your many soul mates. Whether you believe or not, this is a must read for the seeker.

DeEtte Ranae, Certified Psychic Medium wrote:

Find your twin flame is a must read for anyone that is looking for understandable and valuable information on the twin flame experience. Leslie is informative on the terminology, understanding of what twin flames are, how they interact and the reasons for twin flames. She puts to rest the myths and misunderstandings of the twin flame. She further explains how you know you have found your twin but also methods to prove the twin relationship.

Throughout the book you will also take a journey through and understanding of the akashic records (through the twin flame experience) and past lives.

As Leslie wrote I have gone from a skeptic who knew nothing about this whole Twin Flame gig, to someone who can write a book, define, understand and prove it.

I recommend this book to anyone that is in search of a deeper understanding of their twin flame and of themselves.

Rebecca Stardust, Stardust Spiritual Shoppe wrote:

For all of you who are searching for your twin flame, or trying to determine if you even have one, Leslie gives you all the information, tools, and meditations to get you started. She describes the difference between soul mates and twin flames and tells you how to make that determination. If you're wondering if you have met your twin flame, using numerology, zodiac, astrology, birth charts, and other methods as outlined in Leslie's easy-to-understand book, you'll have all your answers in no time. Excellent!

Isabella Rose, Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner wrote:

Find Your Twin Flame is a comprehensive guide to truly understanding and proving your Twin Flame Relationship. This book is brilliantly written and flows nicely. Leslie Sampson does not leave anything out when covering the topic of Twin Flames. She combines real life experiences along with case studies and proven techniques. Through the techniques shared in the book I was able to confirm my own Twin Flame Relationship with my late fiancé. I highly recommend Find Your Twin Flame: Understand and Connect to Your Soul's Other Half to anyone interested in learning about twin flames; beginners and those seasoned in the spiritual development field alike. This is the best book on Twin Flames out there!

Diane Osvold, Spiritual Advisor, Medical Intuitive, Past Life Regressionist wrote:

Find Your Twin Flame by Leslie Sampson is an extremely informative and interactive book on connecting with your twin flame. Leslie’s descriptions and examples of twin flame connections cleared up the mystery surrounding who your twin flame is and why they are part of your life experiences. Her step by step instructions on connecting with your twin flame and determining if that person truly is your twin are very comprehensive. It is obvious that Leslie has thoroughly researched the information she presented in her book. Her descriptions of numerology, astrology and all things metaphysical were concise and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in finding their twin flame and a basic understanding of the metaphysical.