Psychic & Mediumship

A psychic medium is a person who is sensitive to energies both of the earth plane and beyond. I am a certified psychic medium through the Lisa Williams International School of Development. I was certified in 2016.
A psychic connects with the energy and higher self of a person. A medium connects with those who have transitioned beyond an earthly existence. There's also a more detailed blog post on this topic.
I'm a natural-born medium; which means that I have always been able to sense, see, hear, feel, and experience spirit. It wasn't something that I discussed at all when I was growing up, in fact the topic was taboo--unless we were watching some metaphysical show on television. To me, it was simply having conversations with friends no one but me could see. My Mom called them my "imaginary friends," because she didn't understand that these folks were very real and very present.
My goals are simple: to bring love and healing, to build a bridge between the planes, and to prove the continuity of life beyond a shadow of a doubt. I strive for perfection in my work, as mediumship is sacred to me. My mission is to help others, not just with connecting to those on the Other Side, but also learning about their own gifts. Learning about the power within us is life-changing. My purpose is to empower others by learning about their own power within.

Twin Flames

When a soul is created, it is separated into two separate--but complete--equal souls. Each soul has the same spiritual, divine DNA and the same soul blueprint. These two souls are the only ones in all creation that exactly match on a soul level. These are called twin flames.
I usually have one simple response to this question: Never let anyone else tell you who your twin flame is. This is a personal, soul relationship. You don't want someone else tapping into the sacredness of this divine relationship. However, I have been known to assist others with confirmation of their twin flames.
Twin flames are always connected to one another. There is a cord at your heart chakra (in the center of your chest) that connects you to your twin flame throughout all space and time. The easiest way to draw your twin closer to you is to envision, feel, experience this connection and..........tug on the cord! There are several other ways to recognize your twin and prove the twin flame relationship. You can check them out in my book, Find Your Twin Flame.
A common understanding of the purpose of twin flames is that your twin is your "one true love." This is not the purpose of twin flames or the relationship between them. There is divine love at the core of the relationship because that is what exists within the soul. But, the purpose of the twin flame relationship is soul evolution. Soul evolution means learning, growing, and evolving the soul. Twin flames will often share their experiences on their journey, which is the culmination of many learned lessons on the path of soul evolution.
No. You can have millions of soul mates, all of whom are designed to help you out on your journey. You will also often assist them on theirs. You only have one twin flame. A twin flame creates lasting, permanent change because of all of the lessons involved within the twin flame relationship. A soulmate assists with the change.
False twin flames are soul mates in disguise. On occasion, a soul mate enters your life, and they embody almost everything we could ever believe our twin flame could possess. You’ll notice that I used the word almost. This is because there is something missing from the false twin flame relationship. It could be a lack of things in common or feeling unfulfilled or constantly having disagreements. There is nothing lacking in a valid twin flame relationship. It is also true that abuse of any kind does not exist within a true twin flame relationship.
I get this question very often. The answer is simple: my twin flame found me. He is in spirit on the other side. Though our souls had always been in contact, my conscious brain was clueless about him and our connection. That is, until one morning in early June 2006. That's when he shattered all of my existing boundaries and lit up my conscious mind. I made a video about our story. You can check it out here.


KJ Hamilton is the penname under which most of my writing has been published. I began using the pseudonym in college and published several works with it. My first books, articles, etc all used the name KJ Hamilton. (Well, except for the article I published with The Boston Globe.)
My books are currently unavailable in paperback or e-book format. However, you can read them on my wattpad page. You can also check out my writing cv for a list of all of my work, some of which is still available online.
One of three physical representations on Earth of Arcan; which is a very special place to me and my twin flame.