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When you decide to book a reading or a session with me, here’s what you can expect:

  • You can expect excellence.
  • You can expect me to be all in, no holds barred.
  • You can expect me to be 100% dedicated to you and respective of your time.
  • You can expect me to build bridges, bring love and healing, and prove the continuity of life.
  • You can expect me to be there for you before, during, and after every session.

This isn’t just one and done. This is a dedication of service for me. It is sacred and holy work every single time a connection is built.

I am a certified psychic medium through the Lisa Williams International School of Development. I’m proud to maintain the highest possible standards and ethics when it comes to the work that I do in the service of Spirit and you.

Please take a moment to review the services that I offer and go with what you feel. Your feelings (a.k.a. your soul) will guide you to what you need right now. I also have some articles that can assist you with your understanding of me and what I offer. It’s important to understand how to prepare for your reading/session, what the differences are between a mediumistic and a psychic reading, and it’s also important to know a bit about my spiritual studies.

If you have had a session, reading, or taken one of my classes, please feel free to leave your testimonial. I appreciate your words very much. Thank you.

My Services

It's always my goal to help those here on Earth find peace, love, and healing by building a bridge to the Other Side. Doing so proves beyond all doubt that life continues, which is very healing for those left behind. During your reading, I will connect with and tap into the world of Spirit. Spirit will speak with me, show me images, give me impressions, or make me feel certain ways in order to get their messages through to you. This is a very sacred, spiritual, and emotional session, so please be aware that this time is entirely dedicated to you and your loved ones on the Other Side.
During these sessions you make ask specific questions about your spiritual path, your journey, things you may have experienced, etc. Information and messages will be received from your Higher Self and your Spiritual Team. Messages & information are channeled using my gifts as a spirit medium. This means that spirit will give me words, images, impressions, feelings, and information specifically intended for you. Coaching sessions will consist of various methods of spirit and angelic communication, psychic readings using cards, accessing your Akashic Records, healing, and some life coaching. My Team and I are offering these sessions in this manner in order to be able to provide you with as much assistance as possible.
The Akashic Records contain the energetic history of your soul from its inception to the present day. During this session, I will access your soul energy within the Akashic Records in order to gain insight and information about you. Messages and information are channeled using my gifts as a spirit medium. This means that the Records will give me images, impressions, feelings, words, and information specifically intended for you. This session is open, meaning that you can ask questions about any number of topics, including past lives and twin flames. Please remember that the Records are not a predictive tool. These sessions will consist of various methods of divining information from the Akashic Records. REQUIRED FOR THE READING: Your current full legal name, and your permission to access your energy within the Akashic Records.

Book Your Session

Please note: Appointments will not be available until August 2021

All in-person sessions/readings are done at Stardust Spiritual Shoppe. Please contact them directly to book your appointment with me. The exchange for each session is $69 cash for 60 minutes. (Add $5 if you use a credit card.)
Sessions/Readings cannot exceed one hour each.
Stardust Spiritual Shoppe
5012 Highway 58
Chattanooga, TN 37416


The readings and information provided are for entertainment purposes only. What you decide to do with the information given to you, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. Sessions and readings are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.

Terms & Conditions

All appointments are scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone (USA). Please take note and double-check your time zone. If you are unsure, you can use the link below to check. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. No refunds will be permitted for any cancellation made within 24 hours of the actual appointment time. Payment is required to confirm and reserve your appointment. Purchases are final.